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Message from Management
“We believe that the most valuable asset is our People. Their knowledge, experience, dedication and motivation placed us as a regional market leaderĀ in our industry.”

Joining Exim means choosing a company that listens to its customers and employees. It is about joining a company that hires talented individuals every year across Southeast Asia and India offering them all a challenging and fulfilling professional life. It is also about choosing to move forward with a dynamic Human Resources policy that encourages initiatives, supports values, develops skills, and nurtures talents across the region.

Careers at Exim

Working with Exim

At Exim, we have the vision to be the global market leader in inventory management of mechanical and electro-mechanical components by being the link between world-class suppliers and global customer base.

Our mission is to provide through our expertise, knowledge and network of global suppliers, the best quality products and services that we specialize in for our customers in the industries we serve.

Core Values

In order to achieve the Exim vision and mission and deliver our strategic priorities, it is crucial that the people of Exim share the same fundamental values, describing who we are and what we stand for. That is why we have defined five core values that set fundamental principles for the way we operate and interact with our stakeholders.

Exim has defined five core values that set fundamental principles for the way we operate and interact with our stakeholders. Our organization culture is centered around PRIDE:


Training to suit every need
At Exim, all employees are given the resources they need to carry out their missions and grow in their careers.

Exim uses a range of solutions to train its teams:

  • In-house product training
  • A varied range of training programs to help employees acquire new knowledge and enhance their skills
  • Leadership training to groom future leaders
  • Educational / personal development reimbursement programs

Largely dedicated to the skills of sales and product knowledge, training also encompasses logistics, finance, information technology, safety, quality,
and customer service.

Continuous learningĀ 
Alongside more traditional training methods, Exim encourages continuous learning in the form of coaching and mentoring. These are based on real-life, on-the-job situations and foster continuing professional development.

Employee Compensation & Benefits

To motivate its teams, Exim compensation structure is set in a way to encourage high-performance culture and maintain fair employment practices. Our remuneration combines fixed and variable compensation which acknowledges individual competencies, expertise in the employee’s duties, and the level of responsibility. We maintain formal job grading and competitive salary structure to support career advancement.

Exim maintains a broad array of employee benefits including Annual leave, Medical/Hospitalization leave, Marriage / Maternity / Paternity / Childcare / Compassionate leave, Reservist Training leave, Medical Benefits, Group Hospitalization and Surgical insurance, Work Injury compensation insurance, Dental benefits, Long Service Awards, and Welfare benefits.

New Graduates / Internships

As a dynamic company, Exim is constantly looking for entry-level candidates to prepare for its future. We are convinced that rising to the challenge requires targeted placement for recent graduates who want to join and grow with our business.

Whether you are an undergraduate or a recent graduate, we offer you unique opportunities for entering the job market.

Local Internships
In offering you an internship, we are taking up the challenge of:

  • Letting you discover Exim and a fascinating business sector
  • Evaluating your capacity to blossom within our Group by giving you your first operational responsibilities
  • Testing your ability to contribute to our success

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Careers at Exim

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