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Our journey in regional expansion & quality excellence.

Established on February 8, 1982, Exim & Mfr Enterprise has come through a long and laborious journey, to emerge as a reputed, sound and unrivalled quality-assured fasteners and electro-mechanical components solutions provider that our customers have come to rely on and trust.
Gaining the confidence and respect of our Customers and Partners does not come easy! One thing is for sure – our proven Quality Products, On-time Delivery, Value-Added Services and Vendor-Managed Inventory Programmes plus a complete Quality Assurance Department equipped with the latest state-of-the-art test equipment certainly put us in a class of our own, and not forgetting our certifications in the following standards:

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oUR Vision Mission


To be the global market leader in inventory management of mechanical and electro-mechanical components by being the link between world-class suppliers and global customer base.


We provide through our expertise, knowledge and network of global suppliers, the best quality products and services that we specialise in for our customers in the various industries.

culture is developed
Our values

Prompt Responsiveness, On-time Delivery.
Meeting Changes, Customising, Maintaining Communication.
Continual Review and Evaluation, Acting on Feedback, Being Innovative.
Delivering and Exceeding Expectation, Competitive Pricing, Stringent Quality Control, Socially Responsible, Environmentally Conscious.
Searching and Establishing BEST Practices.

Our Strengths

Our success is built upon the united effort of our highly trained and competent staff. Exim’s outstanding corporate standing is clearly marked by the following strengths:

• More than 38,000 Line Items from over 150 Product Groups
• Exim Unique Part Number Identification (for Accurate Cross-referencing and Item Record Tracking)
• Fully Computerised Inventory System
• Bar-coding and QR code Capability
• Full Product Traceability
• First-In-First-Out (FIFO)
• On-going Cycle Count
• 100% Product Screening & Inspection
• Wide Supplier and Customer Base
• Worldwide Diverse Customer Base and Worldwide Supply Capabilities
• Internationally Certified World-Class Quality Management System
• Partnership Programme through Vendor Managed Inventory Programme
• Representing more than 162 renowned manufacturers


We recognise the importance of minimising environmental impacts and hence are committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance on all activities, products and services in our supply chain. We are committed to:

• Comply with the relevant environmental legislation, ISO 14001 standards and other requirements;
• Conserve natural resources and minimising waste;
• Minimise or eliminate the use of hazardous and ozone depleting substances where applicable
• Maximise usage of recycled paper and carton boxes for packaging whenever feasible;
• To educate, train and motivate employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner;
• Communicate our environmental commitment to all employees, key suppliers and subcontractors and other interested parties

(ITC) Company

Exim respects and complies with all applicable civil, criminal, export, import and trade compliance laws regulations in Singapore and in all countries in which we conduct business with our customers and suppliers.
  These laws and regulations include, but are not limited to, activities associated with product export controls, trade sanctions/embargoes, country of origin marking, anti-boycott laws, anti-corruption or money laundering.
  We are committed to ensuring compliance with all applicable countries import/export control laws, rules, restrictions, policies and regulations. Specifically, we adhere to:

• The Singapore Regulation of Imports and Exports Act and Singapore Customs rules, procedures and regulations on the Importing, Exporting and Trans-shipping of Goods.
• U.S. Export Administration Regulations and the Commerce Control List (CCL) as administered by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), which is part of the U.S. Commerce Department.
• European Union Export Control Regime as governed by Regulation 428/2009 for the control of exports, transfers, brokering and transit of dual-use items.
Regulation of Imports and Exports Regulations under the United Nations Security Council.
• All other applicable international trade compliance laws and regulations in countries where we conduct business.

our Value-added

Inventory Management Programmes
More than 50% of sales revenue is derived from working with customers on Customised Vendor Managed Inventory Programmes and Supply Base Optimisation Programmes. To support the total logistic requirements of our customers, Exim’s experience in value-added programmes is highly regarded. 
  Our impeccable track record includes some of the following:

• Ship-To-Stock
• Kanban System
• Hub Programme
• Two-Bin System

• Just-in-time Programme
• Consignment Programme
• Demand Pull System
• Schedule Sharing System

Secondary Processing
Our in-house capabilities include:

• Nylon Patching
• Loctite Coating
• Waxing of Fasteners
• Kitting

• Painting
• Drilling
• Cutting
• Printing